By Julie Tomascik

A walk. A ride. Or a drive. It doesn’t matter how. Just take a trip down a country road.

One that is uneven, challenging and demanding. A bumpy road paved with lessons in life. And the twists and turns that come with it.

Something that’s all too familiar for Texas farm and ranch families. Those who’ve been on the land for generations. And those who are just making their start.

Down that country road, you’ll see ranchers caring for livestock through stormy weather. Or sweating in the heat of summer to repair fences.

Farmers are fixing equipment, planting the seeds and laboring in the fields. Working for months to grow a crop. Making the most of available resources and technology to reap the harvest.

And they’re teaching their families the value of hard work and integrity. Responsibilities grow with age—from feeding livestock to driving tractors and playing an active role in the decision-making process.

Farmers and ranchers are carrying the toils of today and the hopes of tomorrow.

It ain’t easy. It ain’t supposed to be.

Although Easy Street isn’t on the map, you’ll still see Texas farmers and ranchers working in harmony with the land. Through good times and bad. Because the land holds their dreams. Their future. Their livelihood.

Rural and refreshing, it’s a break from life in the fast lane. To the rusty barbed-wire and tired fences. A shed leaning slightly from the wind. They’ve all stood the test of time. Like Texas farm and ranch families.

But you’ll also see a little bit of the future at the end of that country road. Where the next generation is planting their roots. And where our food, fiber and fuel get their start.