By Julie Tomascik

Organic foods. I sure do like them.

A trip to the farmers market is a delight. The sights, smells and tastes abound. Farmers, food and fellowship. What more could you want?

But I don’t like organic foods because they’re better for me. Studies show that organic and conventional are the same when it comes to nutrition.

Some say organics are safer. Studies say they’re really not. Certified Organic has to meet standards, just like conventionally grown veggies do.

It’s not because pesticides aren’t used with organically grown foods. Pesticides are used. They just don’t contain synthetic ingredients.

I like organics, but not because they’re cheaper. Organics cost more to grow, I hear. So, they demand a premium price.

I do, however, like organics because they taste good. Because I know they were grown with care. Just like conventionally grown foods.

Flavor factor and enticing aromas. Both organic and conventional foods can satisfy your taste buds.

But sometimes I’m willing to pay a little more for freshness. For the crisp crunch of a carrot pulled from the ground this morning. The satisfying taste of a tomato picked ripe off the vine.

All things being equal with health and nutrition for conventional and organic, sometimes that fresh factor is a reason for me to dig a little deeper in my pocket.

Happy eating—organic or conventional!