By Jessica Domel

When it comes to agriculture, even small things make a big difference. Take sesame seeds for example. They’re so small, you could fit several on the head of a pencil eraser, but they play a big role in the lives of many Texas farmers.

Sesame is a drought, heat and insect tolerant crop, which makes it great for farmers like Chad Busse in the Rio Grande Valley.

This is his third year growing the crop with his family.

While the crop is great for Chad’s operation, it’s also good for American consumers.

Dozens of tiny sesame seeds fill this sesame pod.

Tiny sesame seeds are harvested and taken to Oklahoma where they’re used to make sesame oil, baking ingredients and tahini, a paste that’s popular in many foreign countries.

Like risotto, sausages, crackers, biscuits, bagels or trail mix? Sesame is often used in all of those foods. It’s also used in vegetable oil and some beauty products.

It’s incredible that such a tiny seed that helps Texas farm families can play such a big role in food!

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