By Julie Tomascik

You pick. I pick. We eat together.

It’s a mindset that seems to work if you want your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.

And gardens, u-pick farms and community supported agricultural operations are great avenues.

Because they offer the chance to get dirty, sweaty and a little smelly. It’s the perfect recipe for helping kids eat more fruits and vegetables.


It’s a sort of independence. Kids, and teenagers, like to do things themselves. What’s more independent than picking your own lunch, supper or snack?

Kids are naturally curious. And getting dirty makes learning—and sampling—their food a little more fun.

It’s also time together as a family. A bond is strengthened. Memories are made. And there’s just something about picking produce. Cleaning and cooking it. Together.

And it offers a chance to learn. The need to touch and feel things is met. And you can’t forget taste testing! Nothing says summer like the sweet bite of a peach. Right off the tree.

It’s the start of a good habit—eating more fruits and vegetables.

So pick ingredients. Explore different flavors. Discover new dishes. And enjoy the fruits—and veggies—of your labor. As a family.