By Julie Tomascik

Cupid’s arrow hit its mark in agriculture. And his aim couldn’t have been more true.

Because farmers and ranchers share a love for their trade, whether it’s raising livestock or harvesting crops. For them, it’s as essential as the soil.

That love grows the food on your table and mine.

It’s what helps farmers and ranchers do what they do best. Farm and ranch. During the good times and bad.

Love weathers the storms. Mother Nature isn’t always nice. Too much rain or not enough. Pests. Diseases. Not to mention financial storms that can rage with the change in markets.

In agriculture, love is kind in many ways. Whether conventional, organic, grass-fed or grain-fed, each kind of agriculture needs love and devotion. That’s where farmers and ranchers come in.

And, of course, love is sweet. The sugar in those chocolates you’re buying for Valentine’s Day made its start on a farm. The same with the desserts you eat year-round.

Although this is the month of love, farmers and ranchers display it from sunrise to sunset. 365 days a year.

Farming and ranching families put their hearts and souls into their job, helping you do yours.

From all of us at Texas Table Top, Happy Valentine’s Day!