By Julie Vrazel

Raising cattle is the largest part of Texas agriculture.

It takes time, dedication, sweat and prayers to raise beef from our gate to your plate. And Texas ranchers take pride in raising healthy, safe beef for consumers like you.

But what exactly do those steers and heifers bring to your table?

Tasty, flavorful beef in all forms.

One 1,300-lb. steer can provide meat for more than 1,700 meals. That’s a lot of beef!

Enjoyed a hamburger lately?

cooking burgers

Well, 1,048 quarter-pound patties are made from that one steer. Imagine how many cookouts and celebrations you could host with that many burgers!

What about mouthwatering steaks or roasts?


Try about 1,003 servings of the two combined. That’s going to need a lot of vegetables, mashed potatoes and sweet tea for lip-smacking good meals.

Beef is not only tasty, it’s also nutritious. It provides 10 essential nutrients to get you through your day. This fulfilling power of protein plays an important role in our healthy lifestyles.

Check out this informative graphic from the Beef Checkoff to learn more about beef from gate to plate.

Next time you’re at the meat counter deciding which cut of beef to buy, remember ranchers are raising cattle with pride for your family and theirs. Enjoy!