By Jessica Domel

I love so many things about living in the Lone Star State. We have such great foods, the friendliest people and almost every type of geography you could ever want.

I’ve been traveling this state for over a year now with the Texas Farm Bureau, and I’ve come to realize that I could do this for most of my life and never feel like I’ve seen everything there is to see.

I’ve ridden on a combine during corn harvest, counted the sugar cane stalks as they’re planted in the Rio Grande Valley soil, watched as onion plants are packed to be sent to northern states and even photographed a catfish harvest. But I’ve come to learn that what I’ve seen and experienced isn’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our great state.

We have farmers who grow and ranchers who raise almost anything you can imagine. And I’ve learned that so many of them are eager to tell us their story and show us how they grow the foods we love and the fibers that make up our favorite pairs of jeans.

Today, I get to visit with one of our generous Texas Farm Bureau members during a spinach harvest in the Crystal City area. I’m hoping we’ll be able to share that video with you in the coming weeks here on Texas Table Top.

As someone who isn’t from the Winter Garden region, I have to say I’m really excited to be able to watch the harvest and learn how it’s done. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, one of our members always finds a way to pleasantly surprise me.

I hope you find it as interesting as I do as we share the stories of Texas agriculture. Is there anything that you’ve seen grown or raised in the Lone Star State that you’d like to know more about? If so, let me know. I bet one of our members would be glad to help us tell their story for you.