By Jessica Domel

The inspiration for this week’s blog post hit me the other day as the Texas Farm Bureau Public Relations staff gathered together in our cafeteria for a pre-holiday celebration. We were all sitting around the table discussing holiday foods and traditions when one of my co-workers mentioned “Texas trash.” I have to say, it brought a smile to my face. I hadn’t heard anyone refer to “trash” since my maternal grandmother passed away when I was in high school.

Each year for Christmas, she’d spend days in the kitchen making enough “trash” so that all of her kids and grandkids would get a big jar of it at Christmas time. Although we all received a healthy serving of it, it never lasted long. It was one of those holiday traditions that we all looked forward to so much that by the time we received it, we were ravenous.

The thought of the holiday favorite, which I think also can be referred to as Chex Mix, takes me back to my childhood and a warm place and time.

I attempted to make “trash” once when I was on a nostalgia kick after I graduated from college. I made up three batches and took it to the fire station in Seguin to feed the firemen and paramedics.

Here’s a shot of me trying to protect my hands and stir at the same time:

Chex Mix "Trash"

“Texas Trash”

True to tradition, the treat didn’t last long. The firemen all stood around the pan in the kitchen and ate until it was gone. It was like a little family party, right there in the firehouse kitchen.

I still haven’t decided whether it’s the company or the food that brings people together like that around the holidays, but either way, I say “Texas trash” is a go-to food if you’re looking to bring people together.

By the way, if you’re looking for the recipe, check the side of the Chex box and go from there. That’s my tried and true plan, and it hasn’t let me down yet.

So, from my family to yours, happy holidays!