By Nathan Smith

Think of olives and the hills of Italy, Spain or fertile valleys of California come to mind. Now you can add the Lone Star State to that list, thanks to Jim Henry and others like him. This budding group of growers are proving Texas has what it takes to be a world leader in olive oil.

From tree to table, Jim oversees the picking, pressing, oil extraction and bottling of his product from his fields in South Texas. Learn more about his Texas Olive Ranch in the latest segment of our Meet a Farmer video series.


 Jim Henry and his employees examine the olives before pressing begins. Meet a Farmer: Jim Henry, Texas Olives

This year’s crop was hurt by late freezes and little rainfall, but the quality still is high.Meet a Farmer: Texas Olives

Jim manages about 40,000 trees on the Texas Olive Ranch near Carrizo Springs.Meet a Farmer: Texas Olive Trees