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Lessons learned at the end of a country road

By Julie Tomascik A walk. A ride. Or a drive. It doesn’t matter how. Just take a trip down a country road. One that is uneven, challenging and demanding. A bumpy road paved with lessons in life. And the twists and turns that come with it. Something that’s all too familiar for Texas farm and [...]

Are farmers to blame for Daylight Saving Time?

By Jessica Domel Every year when Daylight Saving Time rolls around, it's the same old thing. Complaints about changing clocks. Complaints about losing sleep. And inevitably, someone saying it was enacted to help American farmers. It wasn't. In fact, my dad hates it. He's out working in the fields whether it's 7 p.m. or 8 [...]

Love grows the food on our tables

By Julie Tomascik Cupid’s arrow hit its mark in agriculture. And his aim couldn’t have been more true. Because farmers and ranchers share a love for their trade, whether it’s raising livestock or harvesting crops. For them, it’s as essential as the soil. That love grows the food on your table and mine. It’s what [...]