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The wrath of Mother Nature

By Julie Vrazel Even the best laid plans can go horribly wrong. Nine months ago, my farmer fiancé and I bred our first-calf heifers to calving-ease bulls, which means we expected all of the calves to have low birth weights. But that wasn't the case Sunday afternoon as one of our heifers went into labor. [...]

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Texas agriculture isn’t black and white

By Julie Vrazel T-shirts aren’t one-size-fits-all, so why should Texas agriculture be that way? The Lone Star State is uniquely different from the other 49 states in countless ways. Our state is growing exponentially as families relocate here, and oftentimes, we experience all four seasons in one day. Just as the people and weather are [...]

Power at the polls

By Jessica Domel A few minutes of your time could have a lasting effect on you, your family, neighbors and even your community. All you have to do is spend that time wisely. I recommend you invest at your local polling location. Sometimes there are long lines, many decisions to make and names on the [...]

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Safe. From our farm to your table.

By Shannon Sparks Being a mother isn’t always easy. But it’s always worth it. You want the best for your children, but sometimes you question the decisions you make. Do we buy the expensive baby swing or do we opt for the more economical one? What are the right food choices for nutrition and safety? [...]

Farming for my family and yours

By Curt Mowery Consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to food. Some choose organic. Others choose conventional. I like grain fed beef. My neighbor likes grass fed. The possibilities are endless and boil down to personal preference and what fits your lifestyle. Farmers also have many choices when it comes to growing [...]

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