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Grocery Price Watch: Food prices keep rising

By Julie Vrazel Budget, budget, budget. It’s an all-too familiar word in my house with a wedding less than two months away and winter feed bills for the cows just around the corner. But a large part of my usual monthly expenses isn’t directly related to our wedding or cattle. It’s my weekly trips to [...]

Got food choices?

By Julie Vrazel Walk into a grocery store and you’ll find yourself wandering through the maze of food choices. Bright, bold labels help guide you to your selection—natural, GMO-free, local, organic, gluten-free. The possibilities are endless. But what do you really know about those buzzwords and the food you’re buying? Well, the farmers and ranchers [...]

A conversation about food

By Julie Vrazel Let’s talk food, Texas. We’re overwhelmed with buzzwords, marketing ploys and labels, not to mention the vast array of choices. How do we know the truth and what’s really best for us? Organic, conventional, local, natural, GMO-free—we read the labels, but what do they really mean? As consumers, your decisions—and mine—shape our [...]

Called to serve

By Jessica Domel We were called to farm. That's what one of our Texas Farm Bureau members said to me the other day when I asked her what it was like to be a first generation farmer in Texas. She said she felt that God had guided her husband, and later her, to start a [...]

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‘Farmland’: A film for people who love food

By Jessica Domel As the movie ended and the lights came up, the people in our Houston movie theater began to clap. They left the theater smiling saying, “What a great film!” and “When will this be available on DVD?” One gentleman even stopped to ask me if he could show the film to high [...]