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Harvey drowns hope as disaster strikes family farm

By Julie Tomascik This year was going to be different. The cotton looked good. Unbelievably good. Fat bolls loaded on compact stalks. A sea of white, as far as the eye could see. Matagorda County farmer Robby Reed was hopeful. Until a bad boy named Harvey paid a visit. Some say it's the hurricane for [...]

Transformation Tuesday: From field to fabric

By Jessica Domel Take a drive through Texas this time of year and you're bound to find a field or two of white, fluffy cotton. It's an economic staple in Texas, and we're the top cotton-producing state! Cotton undergoes an amazing transformation to get from fields to our homes. First, it's not just used for [...]

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Thank you, farmers

By Jessica Domel Farming is harder, and more labor-intensive, than it looks. I know it seems pretty obvious, but I’ve spent a lot of time on our family’s farm, and I have to say, even I was shocked by the amount of tasks farmers accomplish in a single day. I’ve spent the greater part of [...]

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Meet a Cotton Farmer: Brandon Patschke

By Nathan Smith Most years on the Southern High Plains of Texas, farmers like Brandon Patschke and his family are busy growing the fabric of our lives—cotton. Brandon is a Texas Farm Bureau member and grows cotton on his family farm near Lubbock. Farmers like Brandon come from generations of families with decades of practice weathering [...]