By Julie Tomascik

It’s that time of year to make New Year’s resolutions. But what’s a list of New Year’s resolutions look like for farmers and ranchers?

Here’s 8 items on the list….

8. Put the tools back. It’s easy to leave them in the truck bed, on the shop floor and everywhere in between. But this year, they will be put back where they belong. At least for the first week or two…

7. Get organized. Just like other businessmen and women, farmers and ranchers could use a little office clean up. Organize the apps on the phone’s home screen. And catch up on filing. A farm is a business, and it gets treated that way. Sometimes, the office just needs a little help.

6. Try not to complain about the weather. Too much rain or not enough. It seems like it’s never the right amount.

5. Clean the farm pickup a little more often. You’ve seen ‘em. They’re dusty and dirty, and that’s putting it nicely. A quick wash and stacking the papers neatly on the dash will go a long way!

4. Learn from past mistakes. We all need to take time to make a plan for our future. Same for farmers. And history loves to repeat itself. So, resolving to evaluate decisions for the growing season and the year can help farmers learn from their mistakes and embrace the successes.

3. Set aside down time and spend more time with family. Farmers and ranchers work sun up to sun down. Plus some. It can be physically and mentally draining. That’s why they need to find time for a little relaxation. Although, Mother Nature often dictates if, and when, that time off will be.

2. Don’t work in good clothes. Grease stains sure are tough to get out. And although it may be a popular fashion statement, ripping a hole in a new pair of jeans is still frowned upon. Resolve to snag fewer nice shirts on a barbed-wire fence. And try to change out of the good boots before chasing the livestock that are out.

1. Connect with others. Farmers and ranchers all over Texas and the nation are pulling up a seat to the table. There are listening to questions and sharing stories of their farm life.

The clock’s ticking on 2022—a tough year for agriculture. Farmers and ranchers faced increased input costs, supply chain issues and a devastating drought. 

But it doesn’t deter them. As the New Year begins, they’ll dust off their jeans and straighten their cowboy hats. Because they’re passionate about what they do. And, after all, someone has to grow our food.

Happy New Year from all of us at Texas Table Top!