By Jennifer Dorsett
Field Editor

Christmas trees, holly, mistletoe, poinsettias—so many of our Christmas traditions are rooted in agriculture. Literally.

And we’re lucky to live in a state with diverse agricultural production. Texas farmers grow Christmas trees and poinsettias in addition to our traditional crops like corn, wheat and cotton.

Did you know about 150 Texas farmers grow 200,000 Christmas trees annually?

That’s right. So when you gather ‘round the tree on Christmas morning, you may be celebrating beneath the boughs of a Texas-grown pine.

And what’s prettier than poinsettias in dreary December weather?

Poinsettias are a popular gift among neighbors, friends and loved ones in November and December—for good reason. The bright red and dark green leaves bring a pop of color and living touch of holiday cheer to homes and businesses.

Once again, Texas growers help bring you that festive foliage.

One facility in East Texas grows around 1 million poinsettias annually, with many other nurseries and greenhouses across the state also busy growing poinsettias and other seasonal ornamental plants.

Although poinsettias may seem finicky, Texas grower Nolan Jeske says they’re actually pretty easy to care for. Here’s his advice on keeping your poinsettias looking perky all season long.

  • Poinsettias don’t like cold and are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Keep them in a warm spot away from doors and drafty windows.
  • Don’t overwater! This is the most common mistake poinsettia owners make. If it has one, take the plant out of the foil wrapper surrounding the pot before watering. Allow the water to completely drain before placing it back in the foil.
  • They need plenty of sunlight. Bright, indirect light is best. Aim for at least eight hours a day.

While Christmas decorations are a sight to behold, nothing is more beautiful than a family enjoying the holidays together. We hope your family enjoys a safe and happy holiday season!