By Justin Walker

The stars at night are big and bright, and that’s what I love most about the heart of Texas. As a kid, I could see thousands of stars light up the West Texas night sky. No camera can truly capture their beauty. No big city will ever have them. No, those views are reserved for the farms and ranches of the Lone Star State.

I’m Justin Walker, and I’m the new communications specialist for Texas Farm Bureau.

Small town USA has been home for most of my life. From the wind farms and rattlesnakes of Nolan County to the cutting horses and peaches in Parker County, I’ve called small, agricultural-focused communities my stomping grounds.

Raised on a small ranch just south of Sweetwater, I helped my dad feed cattle and raised pigs for the county show. It’s there that I grew a true appreciation for agriculture and hard work. When we packed up and moved to Weatherford, I didn’t leave my agricultural roots. I continued to show pigs and developed a great passion for agriculture through FFA.

It was during my time at Texas A&M University that I discovered my love for writing. I worked hard, learned from the best and jumped at every opportunity I could to better my skill, culminating in the chance to serve as editor for the AgriLeader, the official magazine of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M.

Through that experience, I learned that sharing the stories of Texas agriculture allowed me to combine my two passions—agriculture and communication. To share important information with farmers and ranchers from across the state. To share the stories of Texans whose agricultural roots run deep.

As the communications specialist, I’ll help serve the Texas agricultural family and tell the stories of farmers and ranchers.

I’m excited to give back to agriculture and the communities that have helped shape me as a person. I’m excited to serve Texas agriculture—the heart of Texas.