By Jennifer Dorsett

When I think back to my childhood, the scent I remember most is the blast of dirt blowing out of the air vents every time my dad started his truck. It’s a nose-tingling, lightly cough-inducing, earthy smell. You can’t get it from any other vehicle besides one that’s spent lots of time out in the field, I guarantee you. I’ve tried.

I’m Jennifer Dorsett, and I’m the new field editor for Texas Farm Bureau. Great to meet ya!

I grew up in several farming communities across the state. As a seventh-generation Texan, I can’t imagine living anywhere else other than the Lone Star State. It’s in my blood. And so is agriculture.

I spent my summers following my grandpa up windmills and out in pastures on the historic 6666 Ranch, and when I wasn’t getting covered in red dirt, I spent time in the kitchen with my mother and grandma learning to make the world’s best biscuits. They’re tasty. Trust me!

But I traded the starry skies for street lights when I headed off to college in the city.

That’s when I really noticed the stereotypes. Small town thinking. Backwards farmers. Those phrases and labels were tossed around. And I didn’t like it. I felt those who lived in the city didn’t understand the fabric of our communities—the families, the values and the hard work.

I wanted to change that—to help counter the misconceptions about agriculture and showcase what Texas farmers and ranchers do. My career path has allowed me to do that and led me to some great towns across Texas, including a stop in the Coastal Bend and in Austin, where I was the communications officer for the Texas Department of Agriculture.

As the field editor at Texas Farm Bureau, I’ll get to see even more of Texas. And I’ll meet more farmers, ranchers, dairymen and folks who are the heartbeat of agriculture. I’ll work to bring their stories to life through photos, articles and even a few videos.

I’ve lived as far south as the Rio Grande Valley and as far north as the Panhandle. I’ve traveled east to west, and there’s nothing better in the Lone Star State than the people who call this land home.

I’m excited to share my travels with you and introduce you to my view of Texas’ best kept secret—agriculture!