By Jessica Domel

Every day we face small battles. The battle to be on time. The battle to do your best. The battle to make ourselves happy.

But lately, many of us have found ourselves battling something else entirely–one another.

On Facebook and Twitter, I find long-time friends and even family members arguing about things like politics, race and religion.

Polite discourse turns into name calling, no-holds-barred arguments that I’ve seen turn so bad it results in the loss of a relationship both on and off line.

I’ve been baited into a few conversations like these, mostly about genetically-modified foods, GMO labeling and how farmers raise their animals and grow their crops.

They’re topics I feel passionately about, but I often find myself pushing the “pause” button on myself.

When it gets too heated, neither side is listening to the other. But these conversations are important. It’s how we learn from one another, and how we can grow if we allow ourselves.

My perspective may be different than yours and vice versa.

We may never agree on some things. We all have fundamental differences. That’s what makes who we are so interesting.

But if I’ve learned one thing from the events of the past week, we must do what we can to stand together instead of falling apart.

I may not buy organics, but I support your right to do so. You may hate GMOs, but respect farmers’ rights to grow them.

I’ll respect your choices. Will you respect mine?

After all, we have more important things to do than battle online.