By Gary Joiner

Does it feel like the bug population has exploded in the last couple of weeks?

Spiders, flies and ants are everywhere. And other insects I can’t identify. You know the kind I’m describing. They’re bugs, of some type. Whatever their name, they’ve arrived in large numbers. And they seem intent on staying.

It’s a constant battle. But I’m thankful we, as homeowners, have tools to help control the pests and manage the situation.

Texas farmers and ranchers battle pests, too. But on a much larger scale.

A pest problem on the farm or ranch is serious. Entire crops can be ruined. Livestock can be stressed and performance hurt.

That’s why farmers and ranchers work to effectively control pests. It’s a decision they don’t take lightly.

They measure insect thresholds before considering treatment. That’s because the cost of managing a pest can be expensive. Very expensive. Farmers and ranchers weigh the economic impact of the pest versus the cost of management, all while maintaining their overall production methods and goals.

It’s not an easy task. But it’s work that farmers and ranchers undertake with care and a keen eye.