By Jessica Domel

The twinkle of colorful lights, the smell of cinnamon and pine and the sweetness of holiday tunes filling the air all mean one thing—Christmas is almost here.

Although the traditional cooler temperatures are alluding many of us here in the Lone Star State, that hasn’t stopped thousands upon thousands of Texans from filing into lines to buy the “perfect” holiday gifts for their loved ones.

Personally, I prefer to avoid long lines like the plague, but ’tis the season.

If you haven’t yet joined the mob at the mall or the local store, don’t worry. We here at Texas Table Top have you covered. I present to you, our foolproof (not really) list of ideas for the Texan* in your life.

(*May also apply to the Texan at heart. And everyone in general.)

1) Flashlights. Everyone needs one. Or two. Or four. Heck, I have one for every room. Thanks, Dad. Whenever the lights go out or even flicker a little, make sure your loved ones are covered.

2) Duct tape. Whether you have a little tear in your favorite jeans or a legitimate tear in your ducts, duct tape has you covered. It even comes in fun colors and patterns now–including camo and macaroni and cheese.

3) An apple and orange. It’s tradition. Everyone needs a little produce to lighten up their holiday diets!

4) Umbrellas! Eventually, it’s going to rain again. Even if it doesn’t, you can use it to deflect the sun on these oddly warm winter days.

5) Work gloves. Just like flashlights, keep a pair in each room. You never know when you need a good pair of gloves.

Sure, you can buy your loved ones things like appliances, video games and other trendy items. But these items are guaranteed (most of the time) to please, or at least, come in handy.

If all else fails, you can always do what my good friend Mike Barnett is doing this Christmas. Everyone gets a mini piñata with a gift inside. Before Christmas, the pinatas perfectly liven up any tree. As loved ones open them, the tree becomes undecorated, which makes putting said tree away that much easier.


So whether you go practical or fun this holiday season, remember this: enjoy the time with your friends and loved ones. And have a very Texas Christmas.