A time for family, fun and cost-savings.

Yup, you read that right. You can carve your Thanksgiving turkey—and eat it, too—without digging deep into your wallet.

Because prices are down during this holiday season. For the second year in a row.

And shoppers are flooding grocery stores to prep for the holiday feast. Finding those savings on nearly every aisle.

Texas Farm Bureau’s annual Thanksgiving Meal Report shows the cost for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people ringing in at $46.48. Down 31 cents from last year.

Not much, I know. But every little bit counts when you’re feeding a hungry crowd.

Frozen, 16-pound turkeys check out at one-cent per pound less than last year for a total of $19.52.

Other Thanksgiving staples—sweet potatoes, green beans and cranberries—are also down.

A large, global wheat supply has prices declining for wheat-derived products. So, pie shells, stuffing and rolls are less expensive.

There was, however, an uptick in pecan prices. Increased exports for the popular Texas nut jumped the price a bit.

Nine out of 10 items decreased. I’d say that’s a good deal for Texas shoppers.

But it’s a mixed year for Texas farmers and ranchers. Grain and livestock prices have remained steady or decreased throughout the year, while input costs haven’t lessened. Meaning Texas agriculture hasn’t seen a pay raise. There are two sides to every coin after all.

But Thanksgiving is more than just your total grocery bill. It’s about family. Reflecting on our blessings and the things for which we are grateful. And for the farmers and ranchers who grow the foods we eat.

Here’s to fun, family and good food this holiday season!