By Julie Tomascik

No more GMOs? That’s the route Chipotle announced it’s taking. Because the burrito giant wants to sell food with “integrity.”

I admire that.

But I don’t admire the fear-driven marketing scheme that misleads consumers like you and me. The marketing plan they use 365 days a year.

Chipotle wants you to believe non-GMO foods are better, without citing credible sources.

It’s an emotional marketing twist to take your mind off the truth and safety behind conventionally grown food and focus on the opinions of the company. This just happens to help their bottom line.

And they tout dropping GMO foods from their menu as “responsibly raising the bar.”

What bar?

The bar of U.S. food safety? Standards are already in place and farmers and ranchers raise food to meet those requirements.

So, why would Chipotle take this turn down uncharted territory?

Is it for the good of the consumer? Or to make an extra dollar?

I think they’re leading the conversation with profits in mind, while farmers and ranchers are working to sustain consumers’ growing appetites.

Because GMO crops have taken great strides. They combat disease, create drought tolerance and fend off pests.

All to help farmers do more with less. Less land. Less water and fewer chemicals.

I’m all for transparency and knowing more about the food we eat. But I’m not okay with creating a false sense of security to sell a high-priced burrito.