By Jessica Domel

I have a confession to make. I never made a bucket list. I have dreams and aspirations, but I never really sat down and put the pen to paper.

Well, that all changed Saturday. I blame the Food Network. I was watching a food challenge of some sort and got the idea that I want to be a better shopper and expand my cooking skills.

Because these are both topics we regularly talk about here on Texas Table Top, I thought it only appropriate to share my thoughts with y’all.

So here is, in no particular order, my first-ever bucket list:

1.) Create a tasty and healthy meal using only foods found at a local farmers’ market.

2.) Plant a mini-garden at my new home.

3.) Cook a perfect chicken-fried steak. (This should be on every Texan’s bucket list, in my opinion.)

4.) Engage an organic farmer and a farmer who utilizes GMO seeds in a healthy debate about the pros and cons of each growing method.

5.) Cook a grass-fed steak and a grain-fed steak to see if my diners can correctly pick which is which.

6.) Cook all meals at home for an entire month.

This is how I’d kick off my culinary/consumer bucket list. What’s on your list?