By Julie Vrazel

Taking a drive through the Hill Country and West Central Texas offers more than beautiful landscapes. It shows a glimpse into the area’s unique commodity–mohair.

This luxurious, strong fiber comes from Angora goats and makes up a significant portion of the agricultural economy in the Edward’s Plateau and the Hill Country. With more than 90 percent of mohair grown in Texas, the Lone Star State leads the nation in mohair production.

This uncommon animal grows fiber much more efficiently than any other livestock.

From clothes to carpets, the silky smooth fleece is a versatile, all-season fiber, appropriate for the ever-changing weather in Texas. It’s even flame-resistant and used as a decorating fabric.

The vast majority of the nation’s herd of Angora goats is found in these regions of Texas because of the temperate climate and availability of brush as a food source.

Gary Speck raises Angora goats–as well as beef cattle, sheep and wheat–in Eden. He takes pride in raising quality mohair for consumers.

Check out this video for a closer look at an Angora goat farm:

Thanks, Gary, for showing us your Angora goats.

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