By Jessica Domel

Farmers in the Lone Star State are doing more than helping to feed and clothe the world. They’re also helping agricultural production in other states. Did you know the nation’s largest onion plant supplier is located in Carrizo Springs, Texas? 

Meet Bruce “Onion Man” Frasier, president of Dixondale Farms.

Dixondale Farms ships millions of onion plants across the nation each year to be planted in states with shorter growing seasons. This year, Dixondale Farms is celebrating a milestone–100 years in business–and millions of plants sold to garden centers, farms and home gardeners across the United States.

In this Meet a Farmer segment, Bruce explains why onion plants helped his family’s business to grow. 

So the next time you bite into a crisp onion ring, think of our friends at Dixondale Farms and the work they’ve done to keep the nation’s onion cravings satisfied for a century.