By Amanda Hill

Nothing says summer more than taking a big bite of a plump, fresh Texas peach and having the juice drip down your chin. Fresh fruits and vegetables are found in abundance this summer at farmers markets all over the state.

I love wandering a good farmers market. The bright colors, the hustle and bustle, the great people watching—and the chance to meet the farmers who grew the fresh produce before me.

There are always some items I expect to see, like tomatoes picked straight from a vine or peaches plucked from a Hill Country tree.

Texas Peaches

But there also are those unexpected finds…like fennel.


Peppers and eggplant…

Green Peppers

And green beans. Don’t these look beautiful?


There are lots of different types of produce offered—conventional, local, organic, etc. To me, that doesn’t matter as much as the overall experience and the quality of the fruits and vegetables I take home.

Heirloom Tomatoes

If you’re looking for a farmers market in your area, check out this interactive map from the USDA. You can search by location, market name, products available and payment type accepted.


With produce this fresh, why not explore your local farmers market this summer?

Where’s your favorite farmers market, and what do you like to buy?