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Another year of faith, hope and love

By Julie Vrazel At the beginning of this year, Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” speech touched Americans during the anticipated Super Bowl commercials and declared 2013 as the year of the farmer, something I think has been a long time coming. With this commercial, agriculture moved into the spotlight and it helped spark [...]

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My Texan ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’

  By Jessica Domel I've had the Twelve Days of Christmas stuck in my head for three days, except it’s not really the traditional Twelve Days of Christmas–mainly because I can never remember anything past the “Five Golden Rings.” You see, I have a sort of Texas “Twelve Days of Christmas” stuck in my head. [...]

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Mexican Fudge

By Kelly Bogard The holidays are officially here and crazy schedules have ensued.  Between school programs, business trips, Christmas parties and family gatherings, I feel like I might just lose it.  What saves me? My kitchen. When I walk into a kitchen, as most of the time it is not mine, it's like I'm transported [...]

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‘Tis the season

By Jessica Domel I don't know about you, but this time of year, I spend a lot of time trying to re-create family recipes that may have been lost with the passing of relatives. Foods like Texas Trash, which is a Chex party mix variation, German noodles, Velveeta queso and purple Jell-o bring back strong [...]

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Top 10 reasons I’m thankful to be part of a farming family

By Julie Vrazel Every year on Thanksgiving—rain or shine, cold or warm—we feed our cattle before we can dig into our feast. It doesn't matter that it’s a holiday, our cattle come first. Growing up as part of a farming family meant I didn't have the same routine as my friends from town. And I’m [...]

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