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How much turkey should I buy for a COVID Thanksgiving?

Hunting for how much turkey to buy for this year’s pared-down Thanksgiving feast? We’ve got answers on Texas Table Top!

Top 5 Texas Peppers

By Kelly Bogard Some like it hot. Others like it hotter. And some adventuresome people like it as hot as they can get it. Peppers are quite popular in the Lone Star State. Partly due to their unique flavors and partly because most of our local cuisines incorporate a Mexican flair, heavy on spices. As [...]

‘Tis the season for a food thermometer

By Jessica Domel With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, loved ones gathering and kids out of school, it can be easy to overlook even the simplest tasks. I typically forget at least one or two items on the grocery list, for example. We’re pulled in so many directions this time of [...]

Emergency Baking Substitutes

By Kelly Bogard Thanksgiving's coming. Let the baking begin! Try as I might to get everything on my grocery list for each recipe, I always forget something. That's why I love a good substitute. Having an understanding of alternatives is a great way to ensure your recipes still come together—even when you find a key ingredient missing. [...]

5 kitchen must haves

By Kelly Bogard I love being in the kitchen. Cooking food that brings smiles is dear to me. But sometimes there's a better way. From prep to leftovers there are everyday items that can help  make things easier. 1) Parchment paper.  From cookies to chicken breasts, I use this with anything I put on a baking sheet. Not only [...]

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