By Emmy Powell

Christmas is right around the corner, which means Santa Clause, his elves and reindeer are gearing up for their flight across the world to visit every boy and girl!

While the elves rest up at the North Pole, Santa Clause drops off presents and refuels at homes that left him milk and cookies. But wait. What about the team of reindeer that pull Santa’s sleigh across the world?

Like us, reindeer need a nutritious meal to keep them energized and strong as they travel.

This Christmas let’s make a bag of feed for the reindeer to help them refuel on their busiest night of the year!

It’s essential reindeers have a nutritional meal. To make the perfect bag of feed to leave out on Christmas Eve, you will need hay, oats, corn and a bag to put it all in.

Hay serves as roughage. Roughage is an essential part of a reindeer’s diet. It helps them breakdown and absorb more nutrients.

Like you and I, an important part of a reindeer’s diet is protein. Oats serve as the perfect protein for a reindeer.

Corn is a great source of energy to add to the mixture.

Mix it all together and you have an excellent way to help Santa’s reindeer fly across the globe in one night!

This is a fun and easy activity that engages children in the nutritional value of a reindeer’s diet.

Making reindeer feed is great for both small and large groups. You can mix reindeer feed at home or even open a reindeer feed store at your communities Christmas celebration like Montgomery County Farm Bureau!

Whether your feed store is at home or Christmas gathering, here are a few facts that might surprise you and the kids!

  • Did you know reindeer can eat up to 20 pounds of food every day?
  • Like cattle, male reindeer are bulls, females are cows and babies are calves.
  • Reindeer have the largest antlers of any deer.
  • Reindeer are the only deer species where the females grow antlers, too.
  • Reindeer are social animals, so they usually travel in herds.

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Merry Christmas from Texas Farm Bureau!