By Julie Tomascik

It’s the season of giving. The season to be thankful. And in 2020, I think we’re all searching for the good right now.

Although it feels difficult to find something positive, I don’t think we have to look far.

We have family, friends and communities rallying together. County Farm Bureaus across Texas are donating to local charitable organizations. People are connecting online and using technology to see their loved ones.

As we embark upon the holiday season, I’m thankful for many things, but especially farmers, ranchers and our medical teams. They are serving on the front lines during this pandemic in critical and essential roles.

Because of farmers, ranchers and others, we have astounding variety and choice on our grocery store shelves and our plates.

We are blessed with resources. Our farmers and ranchers use those to grow our food, even with obstacles like pests, drought, wildfires and hurricanes.

Prices fluctuate. Markets close. Regulators over regulate. It isn’t easy being in agriculture. But farmers and ranchers plant, grow and nurture year after year.

They have a passion for the land, the soil and watching things grow. They use their skills and knowledge to provide the necessities—food, clothing, shelter and fuel—for everyone.

This year definitely has been a challenge, but we can still find the good in every day.

So, this Thanksgiving, slow down, reflect and give thanks for more than just the turkey. Remember our farmers and ranchers. But also remember the food safety and service employees, those who work in transportation, teachers, our military, our medical teams and so many others.

It’s truly a season to be thankful for each other.