By Julie Tomascik

Any day of the week. Any meal. Any time. Tacos are one of the foods that trump the dinner plate in Texas.

And even more so on Taco Tuesday. But any day is a good day for tacos. 

Did you know? You can’t have tacos without Texas farmers and ranchers. The ingredients that make tacos tasty get their start on farms and ranches just like the ones in the Lone Star State.

Let’s deconstruct our favorite taco and take a look at the farmers who grow those foods.

Taco Shell: Grain farmers grow corn and wheat. Crisp and light, it’s the crunch we all love. And corn and wheat can also be used to make flour tortillas! Meet a corn farmer and a wheat farmer.

Beef: Ground beef in tacos has a satisfying and bold flavor. It’s seasoned with spices to give it a unique Texas flare. Also, ground beef is a top seller in the meat counter. And Texas cattlemen and women raise more beef cattle than anywhere else. No bull! Meet one of those ranchers.

Lettuce: No doubt the refreshing and bright taste of fresh lettuce can elevate even the simplest of tacos. Texans are in luck because Rio Grande Valley farmers grow this robust and delicious ingredient.

Tomatoes: A light sprinkling diced and fresh, stirred in with the beef or stewed into savory salsa. Tomatoes hold an important role in taco traditions. Texas farmers grow this fruit to help make tacos tremendous. Meet an East Texas tomato grower who farms in the Tomato Capital of Texas.

Cheese/Sour Cream: These are “dairy” important parts of a tasty, taco. Texas dairy farmers work day in and day out to make the cream rise, providing one of the most critical elements of a taco that can transform your Tuesday. Or perhaps any day of the week. Meet one of those dairy farmers in this video.

And if you get tacos to go, the paper bag they are in is brought to you by Texas timber farmers.  

Lettuce celebrate today and every day with tacos made from Texas ingredients.

Taco ’bout amazing!