By Julie Tomascik

In a small town or big city, dreams grow. They flourish, and develop into a future.

Those dreams—and the kids behind them—are inspired by 4-H. An organization for the young and old. Shy and outgoing. Creative and technical.

Because there’s something for everyone, and the possibilities are endless.

It’s National 4-H Week—a time to celebrate those 4-H members we know and care about. The ones who work day-in and day-out “to make the best better.” Just like their motto says.

And they can do it with the many Texas 4-H activities.

Interested in the environment? There’s soil judging, ecology, landscape design and more. It’s a chance to get your hands dirty and watch your seeds of knowledge grow.

Explore your creative side with photography or videography. Don’t forget about public speaking and theater concepts, like stage designs and performance.

Grab a needle and thread to stitch your mark on Texas, and use budget-savvy skills for consumer education tasks.

Citizenship. Animal projects. Science and technology. There are countless opportunities.

The many different programs all have common roots—4-H members and their leadership skills.

4-H members are our future. They are the elected officials, teachers, mentors and designers. The ones who will inspire the next generation. And teach us new tips and tricks.

They already have the tools they need to succeed—their head, heart, hands and health. Those are the four pillars of an organization that empowers youth to reach their potential, tackle obstacles and help others. Today. And tomorrow.

4-H grows within each member. It grows confidence, resilience, courage and creativity. It grows Texas.

4-H inspires young and old to learn more and teach others. It inspires creativity and ingenuity. And it inspires kids to do more and be more.

That’s our future. That’s true leaders.

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