By Julie Tomascik

Growing up country offers the biggest playground of fields that stretch for miles, open skies and back roads just waiting to be explored.

Farm and ranch kids take it all in. And grow a fond appreciation for independence and quality time with family. Kicking up dust and learning life lessons just comes with the territory. And a knack for finding trouble does, too.

It’s a childhood unlike any other. But there are a few things that come standard with it.

Here are 10 signs you grew up on a farm:

10. Someone needs directions? You use landmarks and fields. Not streets.

9. A gym membership? What for? You know no gym will ever give you the same workout as hauling square bales does. Sore for days!

8. The weather. You always talk about it. Even though you can’t control it. And it’s always either too wet or too dry. Always.

7. Cow tipping. You know it’s impossible. End of story.

6. The summer help. If you’re a girl, your whole world could change depending on who daddy hired to work that summer. Hopefully he was a cutie!

5. The dreaded phone call: “Cows are out.” Well, there go your plans.

4. You plan events around planting and harvesting. A wedding? Birthday party? Check your list twice and your date three times!

3. Baling wire. It’s the solution to just about any of life’s problems.

2. Loyalty runs deep. Green or red. It’s like picking a team—Aggies or Longhorns. You’re affiliated for life!

1. Thirsty? You drank more water from a hose than from a plastic bottle. And it tasted good!

You were also a member of several farm and ranch organizations, including Texas Farm Bureau. If you’re not currently a member, click here to check out more information about being part of the voice of agriculture and all the benefits that come with being a member!

It’s life on the rural route. You can’t imagine growing up anywhere else. Knowing where your food comes from. And playing a role in providing it.