By Justin Walker

Last week, Hurricane Florence devastated North and South Carolina. Here’s a letter to those who have been affected.

To those who have been impacted by Hurricane Florence,

We see you. We feel your loss. We are praying for your recovery.

The news coverage of the storm has been difficult to watch. At least 35 people have lost their life. Flooding continues to be a major concern with some areas receiving 20-40 inches of rain.

Roads washed away. Homes damaged. Cities without power.

And agriculture is feeling it, too. North Carolina cotton and tobacco crops have been hit hard. Hog and poultry farms were dealt devastating blows.

Clemson Extension officials are preparing to assess the damage in South Carolina.

It’s an eerie feeling for Texas farmers, ranchers and citizens. It wasn’t all that long ago that we felt the wrath of Mother Nature.

And that’s why we have hope during this time of crisis.

When Harvey hit the Texas coast last year, it left many in a state of shock. Destruction surrounded everyone, and recovery seemed a lifetime away.

But a year later, things are better. Some still feel the lasting effects of the storm, but recovery is no longer an unobtainable goal, but a tangible realization.

The Carolinas and surrounding areas will also recover. Your farmers and ranchers will tend to this year’s crops and return next year stronger than before.

In the meantime, strangers will help strangers. Neighbors will become family. Compassion will show no boundaries as the storm clears and those affected begin to rebuild.

It’s a long road ahead, one we wish you didn’t have to take. But you won’t be alone on this journey as the nation looks on you with love and prayers. And offers a helping hand in any way they can.

The Lone Star State

A relief fund has been established by North Carolina Farm Bureau. For those who’d like to lend a hand in the recovery efforts for the North Carolina farm and ranch communities, make checks payable to: North Carolina Farm Bureau Foundation, Inc. and designate to “Florence Relief Fund.” For questions, call 919-782-1705.

You can mail checks to:
North Carolina Farm Bureau Foundation, Inc.
Florence Relief Fund
Attn: Perry Crutchfield
P.O. Box 27766
Raleigh, NC 27611-7766