By Haley Herzog

He’s a farmer. He’s a rancher. He’s a steward of the land.

He’s a father. A husband. He’s a brother. And maybe even a grandfather.

Farmers and ranchers have been the backbone of our economy for many years, but many of them also play an even bigger role: Dad.

Some dads wear suits. Some dads save lives. And some dads feed their families, plus some.

From the outside, farming looks easy. From the inside, it’s anything but.

The role of our farmers and ranchers extends past the duty of most “normal” dads, especially this time of the year.

And with Father’s Day quickly approaching, I think about the dads who are tilling the land and harvesting crops until late in the night.

He’s stressed about the weather. He wonders if this year’s harvest will bring in enough income to cover the bills and save for college for the kids. He worries about his livestock and the lack of rain during a drought.

He’s a man who puts in a 40 hour week before Tuesday at noon, and then puts in another 72 hours.

He’s a dad who helps his kids with their 4-H and FFA projects when he gets home. He’s in the stands cheering at sporting events or helping his kids study. He plays ball in the yard and fires up the grill on the weekend.

He’s a husband who kisses his wife goodbye before heading to work.

He’s a son who has followed his dad’s advice—do honest work and take care of your family.

He’s a man whose family relies on him, but who also relies on his family.

He’s a farmer. A rancher. A dad.

And farm and ranch dads are just like other dads. Caring, loving and hard working.

Father’s Day is a great time to take a step back and recognize the father figures in our lives. To highlight their selflessness and tough love.

To all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!

Haley Herzog is Texas Farm Bureau’s Communications intern. She is a recent graduate from Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communications and Journalism. She raises Brahman cattle with her family on their Central Texas ranch.