By Julie Tomascik

Consumers. Shopping in the grocery store, browsing online boutiques or fueling up at the gas station. You. Yes, you. You’re the ying to agriculture’s yang.

Without buyers, nothing is for sale.

That makes you part of National Ag Day and every day.

The conversation around today’s celebration and awareness of agriculture is often missing a vital stakeholder—you, the consumer.

Your opinions matter, and you make decisions with your dollars.

Farmers and ranchers understand and appreciate that. But they ask that you stay open-minded and build relationships with them. That you understand the difference between myth and fact. And see beyond the marketing gimmicks that bombard us all.

They want you to know they are family farmers and ranchers. They’re not a faceless company. Their children depend on the farm to be profitable to serve as financial security.

Farming and ranching is a job they take seriously. Inhumane treatment of livestock isn’t an option, and safety is their top priority.

They know you have choices when it comes to the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the products you use in your home and the fuel in your vehicles. Those items get their start on their farms and ranches.

Hear more about our food from Texas farmers and ranchers in this video. Have questions for them? Just click here to ask!

American agriculture is a part of all of us. Its products allow us to survive and flourish.

National Ag Day is more than just one day out of the year. It’s all 365 days. Each one is as important as the other. Just like the relationship between you and the farmer.