By Julie Tomascik

Fresh food straight from the garden. Crops ready to harvest in the field. Both have to start somewhere.

With a seed. And unlimited options.

Different varieties. Numerous brands. Diverse technology.

It’s a tough decision. One that both farmers and gardeners have to dig deeper into.

So much goes into that choice—soil type, drought tolerance, maturity and price. Seed availability is key, too.

Farmers are happy with choices. Not every seed type fits their farm. And the more choices, the more likely a farmer can find the one(s) for them.

Just like selecting seeds for your garden.

You shop around. Looking for the variety that’s shown proven results—a bountiful harvest. At the best price.

No one told you what to purchase, and no one tells a farmer what seeds to buy, either.

There are seed company representatives to guide farmers. They provide facts, seed history and information that help farmers make their choices. Just like a store clerk tells you about the seed varieties on the shelf.

It’s all a matter of preference combined with farming priorities to grow our food while being environmentally conscious.

Seed choices are abundant, no matter what side of the fence your garden is on.

A version of this blog was originally posted June 9, 2015.