By Jessica Domel

Our state and national lawmakers are back in office and already making changes that can affect us now and well into the future. But do they really care what we think?

The short answer is yes. Of course they do.

Why? Because without us–the voters–our lawmakers may or may not return to office following the next election.
One vote may seem small on the grand scale of things, but collectively, we have the power to impact change.
Like legislation? Don’t like legislation? Let your lawmaker know. Call their office. Email their chief of staff.

Schedule an office visit.

Why? Because if we don’t, we may get stuck with legislation we just can’t live with.

This year, some big issues like trade, immigration reform and taxes will be tackled on the national level.

On a state level, legislators will likely look at issues like eminent domain, land-use regulation and water.

Texas Farm Bureau will be there, in the state and national capitols, fighting for our members’ rights, but we can’t do it alone.

We need people like you to talk to your lawmakers. They want to see the faces behind the legislation they’re considering.

They need to know how a particular bill can impact Texans for better or worse.

To help our members get out in front of these issues, TFB hosts events like the TFB Leadership Conference, which is going on now in Austin, to discuss issues affecting rural Texas and agriculture.

A large group of TFB members from the conference will head to the Capitol tomorrow to celebrate TFB Day in the Texas Legislature but also to ensure the lawmakers know that TFB members care what happens in our state house and fields.

Not able to make it? No problem. Each week, the TFB Legislative office publishes the Austin Newsletter with the lowdown on what’s happening in our state Capitol. Catch up here:

Need to take action? Connect with your lawmakers using TFB’s VoterVoice. Look up legislation, find your official and sign up for alerts:

It’s time we lift our voices. Together, we can affect change.