By Kelly Bogard

Who doesn’t love a good turkey sandwich? Okay, so there are a few of you out there who prefer ham. But the great thing is both will likely be readily available the day after Thanksgiving in a kitchen near you.

And on those turkey or ham sandwiches there are a variety of leftover topping options, along with a choice of breads. Does this sound like your house? It sounds like mine for sure.

This week, I asked the TFB Public Relations staff to help me with my recipes. Everyone’s sandwich is unique to their own way with their favorite flavors. We thought we’d share a few of them with you to get your creative juices/gravy going.

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Kelly’s Pick
sourdough bread with rosemary
Swiss cheese
dressing (drizzled with gravy)
served hot with cranberry sauce for dipping [/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=”vertical-align:text-top;”]

Shala’s Pick
Hawaiian roll bread (lightly toasted)
crispy bacon
melted Muenster cheese
drizzled with cranberry sauce [/wpcol_1half_end]

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Julie’s Pick
white bread
cold turkey
LOTS of mayonnaise
a little lettuce
Swiss cheese
cranberry sauce on the side [/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=”vertical-align:text-top;”]

Jessica’s Pick
potato bread
gravy (in the middle so as not to make the bread soggy)
dressing [/wpcol_1half_end]

Whatever your tastes are or whatever you have left over, I am sure it will make an amazing sandwich. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Texas Table Top!