By Julie Tomascik

A menacing meow or a booming bark. The age-old debate—cat versus dog—carries from our homes to our farms.

No one will deny the extra help is often needed. Each farm has special jobs that require the help of a four-legged friend.

Cats or dogs? Both are beneficial. Both do their part. But who’s really the better farm help?

Personal preference holds true here. Especially for me. Because I’d say the cat. Seems shocking. And I know you’re asking why. So here’s the top 5 reasons:

5. Cats are self-sufficient. The furry felines don’t need much attention. They often prefer to be left alone. And they don’t need a bath. Even after an adventurous night. Unlike dogs…

4. They’re natural hunters. It’s in their DNA. Find the mouse. The pesky bird. Stalk the prey. Chase it down. And then they proudly show you their bounty. With all the rain we’ve had, there’s plenty of mice. And a skilled hunter is in high demand!

3. Most live for a long time. Nine lives. Need I say more? I had a cat who lived 16 years. Sixteen. He took full advantage of those nine lives. And his daily hunts kept him in shape—lean and mean.

2. Cats are quiet. Wary and watchful, they sit perched atop the highest parts of the barn or hidden under equipment. Eyeing their next meal. Scanning the perimeter, looking for pesky intruders. Or, let’s be honest, catching a catnap. After all, they are working pretty hard.

1. They’re like a farm ninja. Fly through the air. Climb to the highest parts of the barn. And they always land on their feet. Well, most of the time anyway. The nine lives part doesn’t hurt.

I can already hear the canine fans howling over my list. And they might have some valid points. But I’m Team Cat.

After all, they say there are two kinds of people in this world—dog people and cat people.

Which one are you?