By Shala Watson

From the field to your home and everywhere in between, agriculture is there.

Hidden in places across Texas. Down a long, winding country road. In your classroom, garage or grocery store. And let’s not forget your kitchen.

Rural America is at the heart of our country’s success. Your success. And mine. It’s a silent supporter through each of our endeavors.

Because agriculture is everywhere.

The fabric of our clothes. The fuel in our cars. And the foundation of our homes—lumber, paints and brushes.

It’s the paper, ink and textbooks in our classrooms.

The sutures and ointments to help patch up the accident-prone family member we all love. The baseball glove, bat and footballs. Even the turf the games are played on.

Shampoo and cosmetics? Yes, that’s agriculture, too.

Because the byproducts of the animals and crops grown by farmers and ranchers are just as important. Agriculture is more than cows, sows and plows.

It’s scientists working to develop disease- and drought-resistant seeds, and doctors using the most up-to-date medicine.

It’s math, reading and writing. Even history. Agriculture is there, whether or not you’re thinking about it. Or realize it.

Agriculture has a place in our homes, businesses and recreational activities. It’s the ride to work. The friend you can count on. A continuing investment.

Agriculture is you and me. It’s our future. A steadfast beacon that has adapted with each generation, cultivating a bright tomorrow.

Think about that the next time you start a DIY renovation project, read a book or watch a football game.

Agriculture makes it all possible.