By Julie Tomascik

More bang for your buck. That’s exactly what we saw in first quarter grocery prices.

Because food prices are falling. Even for proteins.


Well, the cow herd is growing. More cattle on ranches means more beef at the meat counter. And less expensive feed and cheaper fuel are helping drive down those prices.

That has lean ground beef dropping 21 cents to $3.89 per pound. Sirloin steak fell $1.02 to $6.29 per pound.

Pork also dropped. But chicken rose a few cents. Nothing drastic, though.

And if you’re looking for some fresh produce, you’ll see a price decrease there, too.

Lettuce, grapefruit and tomatoes all showed a pretty big drop. Grab some Texas-grown produce and add something light to your plate!

Food prices are a tough balance. We want healthy, nutritious food at an affordable price.

And behind each aisle are the farm and ranch families who grow those products. Remember, they only get a fraction of the price you pay.

Check out the full survey results below or read Texas Farm Bureau’s news release with additional information.

food price comparison