By Julie Tomascik

Are you superstitious? Want to start the New Year off right?

Then, enjoy these five foods that are supposed to bring you good luck for the next 365 days. Or so tradition says.

Grapes. Those who manage to eat 12 grapes before the clock stops chiming will get extra good luck and prosperity. It’s a tradition—more like a challenge—we’ve participated in since I was a kid. I’ve never been successful, but maybe I’ll make it this year.

Black-eyed peas. It’s a Southern tradition that’s supposed to bring you good luck. It’s my least favorite side dish, but I’ll take a big spoonful just for the extra good fortune.

Collard greens or cabbage. Apparently the leaves look like folded money and are a symbol of economic fortune. Well, of course, I’ll take a bite of that!

Cornbread. It’s a tasty, Southern treat. And its color resembles that of gold. So, it’s supposed to bring a little good luck and good fortune.

Circle shaped foods. Before you swear off carbs forever—or at least the first two weeks of the New Year—enjoy some ring shaped foods. Supposedly they signify the year coming full circle. Doughnuts. Cookies. Cakes. Kolaches. Don’t mind if I do!

Or you can have a meal for a true Texan. Grab a glass of sweet tea, tender smoked brisket and a slice of pecan pie.

I’ll be eating a mixture of both.

So, out with the old and in with the new. Here’s to a year of good fortune and good health!

Happy New Year, everyone!