By Julie Vrazel

Tangy, yet sweet, aromas fill the air. Bustling customers chat with each other while buying their fruits and vegetables. It’s a social event across the nation that marks the 15th annual National Farmers Market Week.

Wondering how to celebrate? Look no further! I’ve pulled together a few ways we can all participate in this week-long event.


5. Find the farmers markets in your area. Have you ever been to a farmers market in your community? If not, use the Texas Department of Agriculture GO TEXAN list of certified farmers markets to find one near you. Or you can branch out and visit one you’ve never been to before.

4. Take a friend. No trip is complete if you don’t have someone to share it with.

3. Talk to the farmer. You’re always in a rush to get from one place to another. I know the feeling. But take your time. Stop and talk to the farmers. They get their hands dirty to grow food for you and me.

2. Buy something unexpected. Fresh fruit and vegetables are delicious, but don’t skip over the homemade jams, jellies and other canned goods. You just might discover a new favorite!

1. Strengthen your community. Farmers markets are more than just fresh produce. They connect and unite folks living in urban and rural areas, while providing fresh, healthy and tasty foods. But best of all, farmers markets put a face to the local farmers and ranchers.


Let’s celebrate National Farmers Market Week together. Share your experiences with us here!