By Amanda Hill

Good news, Texans. The latest Grocery Price Watch survey by Texas Farm Bureau reports that we paid less for groceries in the first quarter of 2012. The price of a basket of 16 food staples (including fresh produce, milk, bread, meat and more) dropped by 64 cents—from $45.62 in November 2011 to $44.98 in March 2012.

Texas families saw big savings on the fresh produce items—grapefruit, tomatoes and lettuce—as all three dropped in price. This is a great example of how fresh fruits and veggies can be affordable, especially when bought in season.

Shoppers also have their eyes on meat prices, which can have a big impact on your total grocery bill. This quarter, beef prices held steady with ground beef dropping 2 cents per pound and sirloin steak staying the same. But last year’s epic drought could push those prices up in the coming months. With little water and hay for their animals, Texas ranchers have had to sell their cattle, pushing supply down. Experts believe we’ll see those prices rise as the market recovers.

Here’s a look at the latest Grocery Price Watch results

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