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Is organic taking over my produce section?

By Jessica Domel I absolutely love cooking, but going to the grocery store stresses me out. I live in a community where the organic section of the grocery store is so large that it makes searching for traditionally-grown produce feel like an Easter egg hunt. It literally took me at least 10 minutes one day [...]

Greetings, Earthlings! Celebrating Earth Month

By Amanda Hill Greetings, Earthlings! April is Earth Month, and on Monday, we’ll celebrate Earth Day. In honor of Earth Month, Texas-based Whole Foods Market is running a campaign called “Welcome home, Earthlings.” During the month of April, Whole Foods is talking with its customers and others on the web about food and the environment [...]

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Organic food or conventional? Stanford says it’s a draw

By Amanda Hill Is organic food healthier? That’s a question I hear a lot these days. Pop culture touts that organic food is healthier. With magazine articles cursing the “12 dirtiest foods” and talk shows highlighting food extremists, it’s easy to think that organic is the only healthy choice for you and your family. That’s [...]

Is that a hormone in my milk?

By Nathan Smith Milk…does it really do a body good? You might have seen the giant billboards or semi-trucks advertising the “no added hormones” line stamped across a picture of cows in a green meadow or maybe a huge pitcher of milk. No added hormones? What exactly are hormones doing in milk in the first [...]

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