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Great to be part of the Farm Bureau team!

By Justin Green Hey Texas Table Top family! My name is Justin Green, and I would like to invite you along as I start my career at Texas Farm Bureau! My agriculture background started the day I was born. My dad was a high school agricultural teacher for 17 years, which sparked my interest in [...]

5 ways agriculture can affect you in 2016

By Julie Tomascik A headline. It’s eye opening. But is it true? It’s how we get our news in today’s fast-paced society. Short snippets catch our attention and influence our decisions, including those about agriculture. Like food choices, farming and ranching practices and more. But it’s a new year. A time to ask questions. And [...]

5 ways agriculture plays in the Super Bowl

By Julie Tomascik Chicken wings. Peanuts. And you can't forget the pigskins, give or take a few pounds of air. Those can mean only one thing. Super Bowl weekend. The biggest game of the year is just a few days away. And while New England Patriots fans pray for good passes from Tom Brady and [...]

Where’s ag in your home?

By Julie Tomascik Paint brushes, laundry detergents and books are stacked throughout my garage. And house. But my disorganized home is not the point. Those items are part of agriculture. No, they aren’t a cow, sow or plow. But they are byproducts from those animals and the crops grown by farmers and ranchers. Because agriculture [...]

Who do you trust for food information?

By Julie Vrazel “I read it on the Internet, so it must be true.” Right? Well, not exactly. Misinformation and agenda-driven science is abundant online. But accurate, well-researched information is also available at your fingertips. So, how do you know who to believe? For me, it’s difficult to build trust in a group who blatantly [...]