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Don’t worry, Chipotle, conventional beef is okay

By Amanda Hill I read last week that Chipotle is considering changing its stance on serving beef treated with antibiotics in its restaurants. Part of the company’s marketing plan has been to sell “naturally raised meat” that’s been raised “the right way,” so its statement really turned some heads. Hey, Chipotle, I think treating animals when they [...]

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Memories by the serving full

By Jessica Domel As I scrolled through my Twitter feed yesterday, I saw similar messages from news outlets across the nation-Twinkies are back. I remember last year when my friends were posting messages about how sad they were that the company who had the snack cakes had filed for bankruptcy. They were devastated at the [...]

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Celebrating Texas food

By Jessica Domel I love Texas. Have I ever mentioned that? Our state is home to dozens of fun food festivals where entire communities come together to celebrate food and the farmers who grow it. As many of you know, I lived in Seguin for the past 10 years, and Seguin is a stone’s throw [...]

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Greetings, Earthlings! Celebrating Earth Month

By Amanda Hill Greetings, Earthlings! April is Earth Month, and on Monday, we’ll celebrate Earth Day. In honor of Earth Month, Texas-based Whole Foods Market is running a campaign called “Welcome home, Earthlings.” During the month of April, Whole Foods is talking with its customers and others on the web about food and the environment [...]

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Rain dance, anyone?

By Jessica Domel When I was in high school, my dad often said that in the coming years our country wouldn't fight over oil or money, we'd fight over a resource that is much more scarce and valuable–water. I hadn't thought about him saying that until the other day when I was visiting our family [...]

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