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Steering innovations like the self-driving tractor

By Gary Joiner Innovation is synonymous with farming. Every year features new ideas and new technologies. It’s exciting. And both farmers and consumers benefit when advancements reach the marketplace. Farmers at a recent national farm show in Iowa were treated to a glimpse of what some are calling the future of farm equipment. A self-driving, [...]

The freedom of not having to farm

By Gary Joiner We take our kids to school. Go to work. Maybe stop by the grocery store on the way home. Pick up supper or a few things for the family. It’s our routine, one we’ve settled into nicely. And it’s because we don’t have to think about our food. Just like U.S. Agriculture [...]

Battling bugs

By Gary Joiner Does it feel like the bug population has exploded in the last couple of weeks? Spiders, flies and ants are everywhere. And other insects I can’t identify. You know the kind I’m describing. They’re bugs, of some type. Whatever their name, they’ve arrived in large numbers. And they seem intent on staying. [...]