By Jessica Domel

There’s a lot to love about Texas. One of my favorite things about the Lone Star State is the abundance of farmers’ markets that have popped up along our scenic countrysides.

Last week, I found myself in one particular farmers’ market in Northeast Texas just outside of Pittsburg. As I walked through the store, I found a collection of fresh fruits, vegetables, preserves and products made and grown with pride. I must have spent several hours wandering through the stand capturing photos and talking to other customers.

Peach display at Efurd Orchards

Peach display at Efurd Orchards

They picked up fresh peaches, well-known in the area, smelled and sampled them. They thumped cantaloupes, sniffed tomatoes and inspected fresh peppers.


I followed suit. It was better than any grocery store I’ve ever been in. Where else could you find this?



Efurd Orchards jams

Or this?

Water display at Efurd Orchards

Water display at Efurd Orchards

The owners, Texas Farm Bureau members Greg and Amy Efurd, have decorated their store at Efurd Orchards with mementos from their childhoods and old items they’ve found in barns. It adds to the country, homey feel of the business.

The Efurds, their son and daughters, and other employees also walk through their store and talk with customers about the foods they’ve raised and share the stories of the farmers whose foods are also sold in their market.

They’re not afraid to share their passion for peaches with the public. It’s clear, judging by the customers, their community feels that passion.

I think that’s one thing that appeals to many customers of farmers’ markets and roadside stands. You can meet the person who grew your food, talk to them and really hear their story. You can find great farm fresh fruits and veggies to boot!

I think I’ve found one of my new favorite farm-to-table food venues. I have another I’m hoping to stop at sometime soon. Where’s your favorite farm stand or market?